Ladies Retreat

We are excited to invite our ladies to attend a retreat right here called “Unshakable Faith in Unstable Times”. There will be three main sessions, lunch, workshops with ladies from all over our area. Spiritual insights to help us all deal with our unstable world.  It will be the first Saturday in April and our Sparkler […]

Soup & Friends

After Church, March 17 we will have Soup & Friends!  We invite everyone to stay for a time of fellowship and food. You can then stick around a little longer for “Games & Friends”.  Bring your favorite board or card game to play and extend the fellowship!  

Ukrainian Eggs

We are so blessed to have Faith Castle patiently share her talent and how to’s to create beautiful Ukrainian Eggs on Saturday, March 16 from 10AM – 1PM! Our Sparklers and others are all welcome to sign up for the workshop and lunch for ladies 18 and up. This free workshop is a great opportunity to invite guests! Due […]