July Opportunities

Romans 12:13 tells us that one of the measures of the love in a church is the hospitality that is shown by its members. You know that you have friends at work when you get together outside of work. Your school friends are real friends off campus as well. You demonstrate Christian love when you […]

June Jots

I cleaned my sailboat today. Even though it was under a tarp all winter it still gets pretty dirty from the blowing rain and snow and dust. Yuck. It was hard work but it looks good now. All I have to do is put everything back on the boat and we’re good to go. I […]

May Musings

This month Cathy and I celebrate 40 years or marriage. It has been interesting, to say the least! The Army, Michigan, kids, Texas, seminary, New York, New Covenant, bi-vocational ministry, empty-nest, sailing. Wow. Marriage is about change. Over the years our location has changed, our family mix has changed, my jobs have changed, our hobbies […]