From Pastor Steve

Most of the articles on this page are about fellowships. We do like to hang around each other. And, yes, we do like to eat. But fellowship is more than that.

In the New Testament the word fellowship literally means “to have things in common”. The primary meaning was to have a common ministry together. To have a common purpose. To have a common identity in Jesus Christ. When all of those things are working together you get vibrant, healthy fellowship.

We have a great fellowship because we are committed first of all to Jesus Christ. His love flows through each one of his children to the objects of his affection: his other children. Our fellowship with Jesus gives life and vitality to our fellowship with each other. Because we are committed to his purposes in the world, we are committed to the fellowship of ministry together.

It also means that our fellowship is constantly expanding. Jesus isn’t just the Savior of our fellowship, he is the Savior of those outside our walls. He longs to bring his other, straying children into sweet fellowship with himself. We long to have fellowship with those others he is drawing to himself.

Our fellowship is never complete. He continues to add new brothers and sisters to our number. He continues to show us ways to be more completely devoted to him and to each other. He gives fresh tasks for us to combine our efforts in. We continue to learn how to put his children before ourselves. Sweet fellowship! See you in church on Sunday.