From Pastor Steve

Our church has taken the bold move to call a fully funded Associate Pastor. This person will be able to help us in growing as a church. He’ll be involved in all aspects of discipleship, one of the most important things that we do. He’ll also help us as we navigate our long-anticipated building program. Which will also better position us for our eventual move to multiple services. And the plan is for him to succeed me as senior pastor down the road.

That’s a lot to expect from any one person. And so we don’t. We trust the Holy Spirit to empower the church of Jesus Christ to accomplish the tasks He sets before us. We trust Him to lead us to the right person that He can grow into the leader that His church needs. We expect that He will grow the entire church to accomplish His mission of reaching the lost and transforming the saved.

Please pray for the man that God will send us. Pray right now for his spiritual sensitivity to the Lord’s leading. Pray for our Search Team to understand the current and future needs of the church and to match them with the man that God calls. Pray for us to not look on the outward man and worldly characteristics. Pray for us to discern the possibilities of growth and development.

Change like this is scary. There are so many unknowns. So many possibilities. Pray that we might move forward in the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Pray that we always glorify the Lord with the Gospel of His Son. See you in church on Sunday!