From Pastor Steve

North Korea, Obamacare, Civil War statues, transgender bathrooms, Islamic terrorists, National Anthem kneel-downs, anti-Trump resistance, alt-Right racism, identity theft, Black Lives Matter, presidential tweets, fake news. It’s overwhelming, isn’t it? You get stressed out every time you turn on the news, check Facebook, or read your email. The world seems out of control.

How is a Christian to respond to the blizzard of bad news? I don’t believe God calls you to worry and fear. He calls you to peace and confidence. He is in control. True, the prince of the power of the air seems be having a heyday with chaos, hurt, and hate. But our God is sovereign. Satan has been defeated. Jesus has overcome.

Take a look at Matthew 6:25-34 and see that Jesus doesn’t want you to be anxious because your Heavenly Father cares for you. Read Matthew 11:28-30 and see that he offers rest for your soul. See in John 16:33 how, in spite of the world’s tribulation, he offers you peace.

God did not call you to defeat. He did not call you to merely survive the pressure. He calls you to overcome. I’ve read the last book in the Bible. And it tells how his people thrive in the midst of danger. It tells how we bring glory to him with our witness, our service, and our joy. He knows you and the pressures you face. But he has overcome. And he plans on blessing you as you overcome in his strength.

Weekly, we gather together to share Good News. Daily we are refreshed in his Word. We constantly build each other up through prayer and encouragement. We’re in this together. We’re Overcomers. See you in church on Sunday!