From Pastor Steve

This month we will be doing some things with great significance for the future of our church family.

On November 11 we’ll be having a retreat at LeTourneau with some of the younger adults of our church family about where the Lord might be leading us in the future and how we might get there.

It makes sense that this church will look very different five to ten years down the road. How is the Lord leading us now to prepare for that future? What changes will we need to make to reach this generation and the generations following?

On November 19 we’ll be meeting with current leaders of the church and discuss the ideas and dreams shared at the November 11 retreat. We’ll be discussing how current leaders can guide and encourage the future leaders of this, the Lord’s church.

Healthy churches change and grow over time. I’m looking forward to New Covenant embracing that change and preparing for it. What an opportunity to move forward in unity and purpose as we seek to discover how Jesus is leading his church to accomplish his purposes for his glory! This is exciting. See you in church on Sunday!