July Opportunities

Romans 12:13 tells us that one of the measures of the love in a church is the hospitality that is shown by its members. You know that you have friends at work when you get together outside of work. Your school friends are real friends off campus as well. You demonstrate Christian love when you get together with other Christians outside of church.

Summer is a perfect season to engage in hospitality. Life is simpler. The meals are simpler. Even what you wear is simpler! How will you engage in Christ-honoring hospitality this summer?

Maybe you’ll invite others over for hamburgers. Perhaps you’ll grab a lunch after church and head for the park. Is there a state park nearby that you could enjoy together? Meeting for ice cream is always a good idea!

And it doesn’t have to be someone you already know well. Say something like, “Pastor Steve suggests we should get together more this summer. I’d like to get to know you better. How about it?” Not complicated.

Take advantage of this summer to show and enjoy some hospitality. You will strengthen friendships and find new ones. And we’ll be a stronger, friendlier church family because of it. See you in church on Sunday!

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