June Jots

I cleaned my sailboat today. Even though it was under a tarp all winter it still gets pretty dirty from the blowing rain and snow and dust. Yuck. It was hard work but it looks good now. All I have to do is put everything back on the boat and we’re good to go.

I really like my sailboat ministry. I love sailing in and of itself but I also love being out there with family and friends. I get to bless them with a few hours on the lake and sometimes we tackle deep, spiritual conversations that seem to happen nowhere else.

Who do you need to have a spiritual conversation with? When are you going to do it this summer? What preparations do you need to make? Will it be at a park or a barbeque at your house? It may take hard work to create the opportunity. You may go deep, you may not. But you want to try don’t you?

Do the work to allow spiritual conversations to happen. It’s the most natural way in the world to share the Good News.

See you in church on Sunday!

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