Our ladies Saturday morning “official events” are taking a break for the summer.  They will be starting again in September. See you then!

Young at Heart

Our Seniors, who are all young at heart, love to get together! Our last event had 15 people! On Wednesday, June 7, they will have a laid back and relaxing time of snacks, games, cards and fellowship at 2 PM at church. This is a great chance to strengthen your friendships and have some fun. Please consider bringing a friend or nudge someone else who is Young at Heart to come along!


Summer is a time for you to relax, do hobbies or plan picnics. Wouldn’t it be great to have some teens come help you with weeding, washing windows or cleaning out your garage to free you up? Our Youth group is very excited about their summer plans to help you out! Our group is growing and a number of them are earning money for their Diverge trip to Maryland in August. They can’t wait for you to call and draft them!

It is your choice how much you want to donate for your project and the hours you select. Contact Mike or Sandra Pridmore (585-531-4047) to schedule your teen(s). Then mark an envelope or the memo of your check with “Rent-a-Teen” and place it in the offering. Teens will be available all of June through July 22.

Father’s Day

We are so very blessed to have so many great men in our church! To honor and delight our guys we are having a special “Coffee Bar” for them on Sunday, June 18. It will include many special Keurig flavors including coffee, tea, hot chocolate and we’ll also have fancy syrups to add! Plus, each guy will receive a practical Father’s Day gift. These special recognitions are for any guy 18 and up. Feel free to also invite guy relatives or neighbors you know who could be honored on Father’s Day.

Book Discussion

One of our past church members, Duane Miller, has written a book called “Survivor”. It is a true story that deals with getting over tragedy and guilt in the mistakes of life to see God’s hand of forgiveness and sovereignty. Those who read it and want to discuss it are invited to the Charles’ home on Monday June 19 at 7 PM.

ACTS of Kindness

This summer we are strongly encouraging everyone to go out of their way to do surprising acts of kindness for others. It could start in your house. It could be for coworkers or neighbors. You might even choose to give away one of our P.A.R.K. cards from the hall.

If you feel very adventurous you could be with a P.A.R.K. team of 2-4 people at a park. You can give away bottled water, a toy or a Smartie or two to those you just met at a park in town or near your home. Please feel free to talk to or recruit Cathy Charles, Mary Hornbeak, Jan Jack or Bill or Sharon Carter or read the two page training in the tote box. The Charles’ front porch AND our prayer room will have a tote with a bag ready with all you need for you to take any week you want to.

Be bold and courageous for God!