Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child offers each of us a fantastic opportunity to open the gospel to children in need all over the world. A simple shoebox full of small gifts shows a child that someone cares for them and that God loves them. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that???

Last year the people of New Covenant packed 60 shoeboxes! That’s an amazing number; but let’s do even more this year!!  Brochures are available giving guidelines on how to pack a shoebox. If you’ve had the joy of doing this before, you’ll note two big changes this year: no candy and no toothpaste. (Sigh.) It is also recommended that you pack one “wow” item in your box as well as lots of fun little things.

You can use your own box, a plastic container, or one of the pre-printed boxes that we provide. The collection date is Sunday, November 19 and boxes will be delivered right after our morning worship service. The children who get these boxes may have never received a gift in their lives. Let them know that God cares for them.

“What goes into the shoebox is fun; what comes out is eternal.”