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Cultivating the Soil

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Our family loves to have a garden each year with fresh veggies that have come out of the ground that we have worked.  Normally, April is the time that we start getting ready to plant.  We clean old stalks and begin to turn over the ground.  It is a work that is usually the least exciting step in the planting process (along with weeding!), yet it is the most necessary as the ground has to be cultivated.

         Much in the same way, fruit in our marriage is not without effort.  There are seasons of reaping, but this comes after cultivating the ground, working through the bumpy patches, and even spending some time weeding.  We have to put energy and dedication into our marriage with both individuals being committed to our Lord. That is part of the reason that I am excited about the upcoming Marriage Night on Friday, May 17th. This will be a live stream event featuring Francis & Lisa Chan, Les & Leslie Parrott, and Michael Jr., comedian in which we will be encouraged to laugh together and love as Christ did His Church.  Please mark it on your calendar now to attend!

“For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her."- Ephesians 5:25


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Letter to the Editor

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To my friends who feel crushed by the unprecedented expansion of abortion in New York state.

We knew it was coming. Once single party rule was established in New York, we knew that an expansion of abortion was coming. We just did not expect it to be the absolute number one priority for the state. We thought we had time to persuade, inform, and challenge our lawmakers to do the right thing. We were not prepared for this. But they were.

So what do we do now? Accept that this is the new normal and learn to live with it? Continue to cry out to lawmakers deafened and blinded by their newfound power? Work strenuously for new lawmakers to try to repair the damage done? Pack up and leave the state for saner pastures? I would like to suggest a few more encouraging responses.

Just because these laws have been forced upon us does not mean that more children have to die. What if we turned our energy and frustration towards making sure women never feel so trapped that they feel they must make that horrible choice? I am recommending four positive responses to this seemingly hopeless situation.

The first involves education. The more we learn scientifically about the development of the child in the womb the more unthinkable abortion becomes. More and more children are surviving at earlier and earlier stages of development, some as early as 22 weeks! As we learn more about the child’s ability to feel pain, we are less inclined to allow barbaric dismemberment and other means of execution. Watch some videos, read some articles, share the wonder of what you’re finding about this amazing thing called life.

The second involves direct action. Get involved with a pregnancy center. These centers welcome with open arms and a total lack of judgment, the mothers who are wrestling with this unthinkable decision. These centers also provide support to the mother who chooses to continue with her pregnancy. They provide ongoing support and education to help in the raising of their children. Make sure the woman doesn’t feel alone when being pressured by her boyfriend or other man in her life not willing to support her.

Next, never empower these morally bankrupt lawmakers to act this way again. Make sure you know where your assembly, senate, and gubernatorial candidates stand. Vote your conscience since they obviously lack one of their own. You bear responsibility for the lawmakers who work for you.

Finally, pray. Pray for those lawmakers to repent and move towards a more rational, moral, and compassionate justice. Pray for our society, for healing from our selfishness and coldness of heart that allows us to move in this horrible direction. And pray for yourself, for the conviction and strength to take action.

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