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There's a Monster at the End of this Book

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“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”  Romans 8:28

One of Benji’s favorite books is “There’s a Monster at the End of this Book” starring furry, lovable Grover. As the pages turn, Grover is stopping the reader to turn to the end as he is afraid of the monster on the pages to come.  With a twist, the monster at the end of the book is himself and he is embarrassed for being so silly. (Sorry if I ruined the ending!)

April has been difficult for our family as we had a lot of page turning.  As we are in the midst of selling our house, we a little more anxious each day as we were getting little attention. And then, the page turned and as we shared Easter Sunday, we had an offer made on our house! Then at the same time, the page turned in our adoption journey. We found out on April 18th that the little boy we were matched with for two years, whom we took into our heart as our son, was no longer eligible to being adopted.  Our heart sank and even as I am writing this my eyes are tearing up.  We have asked God “why” and “how”.  Yet, we know that the book is not yet done and there are more pages to turn.

The beauty of walking this journey is that we can fully trust His promises for His children as stated in Romans 8:28.  Our Father will work through the situation and turn it to His glory.  In this Church family, I know there are others who are doing some page turning.  Know that He truly loves His children and has our best interest at heart – and in doing so we have the courage to turn the next page.  

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Worth the Expense

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This is a very expensive time of the year for the Charles family. In the space of six weeks we celebrate Mother’s Day, our anniversary, my birthday, Father’s Day, and Cathy’s birthday. Our budget line for “gifts given” takes quite a beating this time of year.

But do you think we mind? Of course not. Is it hard to keep to our budget with all these celebrations? It certainly is. What motivates us is our shared love and joy of being together.

That’s the way it is with our love of Christ. He has done so much for us that we’d do anything for Him. Making Him a priority in our schedule to talk to Him, worship Him, praise Him is an easy choice. Giving to Him, finding a place of service, encouraging others in Him are simply opportunities for expressing our joy.

I love celebrating together! See you in church on Sunday!


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