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A Different Thanksgiving

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         Every family has their own traditions for Thanksgiving. For some, this may be a backyard football game, outdoing one another in dessert, or playing an awkward social game (which I love). For our family it is Thankful Leaves.  Each year, we have pre-cut leaves on construction paper.  We write down what we are thankful for, collect them, and guess which leaf belongs to which person. Some are sappy.  Some are humorous. Some are introspective.

I have a feeling though that this Thanksgiving season might be a little different.  It may not be all the same people getting together or doing all of the same things. Our pie selection might be a little less and a fewer number of leaves to guess. However, we have just as much to be thankful for – if not even a little more. It is during the times when things are difficult that we look deeper within to find praises that are more pure and simple. For the home we have and food on the table.  For the moments of laughter and new memories. For our families who love us and friends we depend on. For the salvation found in our Lord and his continual provision.

My challenge to you this November is to take each day and look for something that is praiseworthy. Then share your list over Thanksgiving as you give praise to the Lord.


Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.
1 Chronicles 16:34


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We are HIS Church

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We have been so blessed as a church during this time of Covid. It has been predicted that as many as one in five churches will close in the next year because of the pandemic. But we continue to blessed by the faithful giving of God’s people.

         Almost thirty percent of churches have seen more than a fifty percent drop in attendance. But, between the two services and Zoom, our attendance has been steady and sometimes increased.

Many churches have given up on discipleship, kids ministry, and even singing out loud. But we have a dedicated group leaders meeting in person and on Zoom and worship teams that continue to lead us in inspiring worship.

It has been reported that over half of the country’s pastors have considered leaving the ministry over the pressures created by Covid. But Pastor Joe and I have felt such love and encouragement from a strongly supportive church.

Sometimes it looks like Satan is winning in this battle against Christ’s churches. But we are HIS church. We can  continue to count on Him to lead and bless His people. See you in church on Sunday!


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