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Reflections from the Pasture

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“I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek your servant, for I do not forget your commandments” Psalm 119:176

I am not sure why they leave. They have everything they need. They have shelter, plenty of food, and protection from danger. Yet, they still want to find a way out and set out on their own. You may be thinking that I am talking wayward children, but I am talking about kids – the four hoofed kind.

We have had three “great goat escapes” in two weeks. We have walked cornfields, treaded through woods – avoided poison ivy -, and sprinted around buildings in an attempt to corner our escapees. Each time, we gently approach them to bring them back home; however, as we move closer they make a dash for it. 

I can’t help, but make parallels to our own life and our relationship with God. Why is it that we roam away from the one who loves and guards us perfectly?  Why are we interested in the other field, allowing discontentment and curiosity to get the best of us?  Only to find ourselves lost and miles away from where we should be.  Yet, even in the midst of our own wanderings, He knows exactly where we are and how to draw us to Himself.  He gives us His Word as a guide to the truths that we need.  Let us be ever more committed to recognizing our dependency on Him and that He supplies all of our needs.


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Do I trust him?

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I’m really enjoying our current series on “Lessons in Faith”. Walking in absolute trust with Jesus is not a simple thing. There are so many aspects of faith and so many ways to grow in trusting Him.

        In Luke 8 Jesus shows us that our faith should be grateful, growing, purposeful, calm, restoring, and fearless. Through incidents, parables, and direct teaching Jesus demonstrates so many aspects of trusting Him in so many areas of life.

You’ve probably heard me say many times that the same Greek word is translated in our Bibles as “faith”, “belief”, and “trust”. Try this: whenever you see “faith” or “belief” substitute the word, “trust”. It really comes alive that faith means to completely trust Him. More important than believing in Him is to simply believe Him!

Sometimes I am astounded that so many Christians find it so easy to live in a state of anxiety or worry. Sometimes I catch myself saying “I am afraid that …” I catch myself and ask: should I as a child of the King really be afraid that things won’t turn out the right way? Don’t I trust Him?

Jesus asks, “Where is your faith?” (Luke 8:25) Looking forward to growing in faith together with you. See you in church on Sunday!


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