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Share the Gospel in Love

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February is love month. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Marketing by Hallmark, the florists, and the candy makers. But is this true love or just going through the motions?

        True love starts with John 3:16, “For God so loved the world …” For love to be real it has to start in the heart of God and flow through us, reaching others that He loves as well. That’s what we, His children, have the privilege of doing every day, not just in February.

Yes, we have a Valentine Banquet where all the men of the church demonstrate to all the ladies of the church a servant heart by providing a meal, entertainment, and cleanup. In February, we’ll also cap off Formula for Life where we’ve been saving coins (and paper!) to show love to desperate mothers and their babies. We’ll also be collecting hygiene items for Operation Christmas Child this month, showing concrete love to kids around the world.

We also show love in this amazing church family. Praying for each other fervently and consistently. Fixing meals, giving rides, offering encouragement almost every day of the week. We spur one another on to a greater understanding and living out of God’s word. All in the name of His love.

We also share love outside of our immediate circle. I’m so encouraged when I see our people approach first-time guests and engage them in welcoming conversation. And those who volunteer in the food pantry, Care Net, LeTourneau, and other places constantly communicate the love of the God who saves.

So many ways to share the Gospel through love. See you in church on Sunday!


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Finances and Freedom

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Hardly seems possible that it will be the year 2020. I’m bracing myself for all the “2020 vision” puns, jokes, and slogans. Seems like just yesterday we were going through the Y2K scare to begin the new century. But, ready or not, here comes the new year.

               So, how will you be facing the new year? With confidence that everything is falling into place and you’re on the right track? Or with dread, knowing there are things hanging over you that have to be dealt with but you know you’re not ready for them? Maybe it was all you could do to get through the Christmas season and you’re counting the days until your refund check gets here.

However the new year finds you, it is a good opportunity to check up on a few things and lay some groundwork for a successful year. One of the things that may help is a course we’re offering on Wednesday evenings called Life. Money. Legacy. by Dave Ramsey. It will cover some Biblical principles for ordering your life, managing your money, and living the way God has designed for you. It’s a five week study, starting on January 15. We will be following on with some very practical ways to strengthen your financial stability and enjoy freedom in the things God calls you to be involved in.

Looking forward to what the new year brings as we grow in the strength and joy of the Lord. See you in church on Sunday!


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