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Buried Treasure

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Earlier this year, a Massachusetts family decided to investigate a rumor of hidden treasure from the 1950’s. Hiring a professional treasure hunter, equipped with an endoscope camera, old floorboards were pulled up revealing $46,000 in cash. Quite a find, and if you consider that in the 1950’s that is the equivalent of over half a million, what a loss!  Imagine saving up all that money with sweat and hard work only to have it lost – not even your children or grandchildren being benefactors. 

 Jesus tells us in Matthew Chapter 6 to not lay up treasures on earth, where it can be destroyed or stolen, but lay up heavenly treasures. Verse 21 states, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. You can relate this to your current condition and consider the time and energy that you have exerted. Will the result be that which can be stored under the floor and forgotten over time?  Or will this be an eternal investment in the life of individuals, sharing the Gospel, and building the Kingdom of God? 

 I want to challenge you this month to pull up the baseboards. Wait! Not the literal baseboards in your house, but the baseboards of your heart. Do the priorities of your heart reflect Kingdom pursuits? Are you spending time mining in His Word? Are you using your talents and treasures to advance His Kingdom? Sharing the treasure with others?


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