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Feeling the Attack

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The church was recently the victim of a “ransomware” attack. We came in on Sunday morning and the worship computer had a notice on the screen saying that the files had been encrypted and we’d need to pay with Bitcoin to get them back! We scrambled to use other computers to support the services and provide a Zoom session for those at home.

         There are some spiritual lessons we can learn from this experience. First, evil had corrupted everything of value. If we didn’t have backups, we’d be lost. If you trust all you value to the world, it will surely be corrupted. Not to be too obvious, but “Jesus saves” (Luke 19:10). Are you depending on Him to keep everything of value (most importantly your own soul) for eternity?

Secondly, instead of trying to fix the mess, we wiped and reloaded the entire machine. You can try to clean up your act and straighten your life out. But Jesus says that you must be born again (John 3:3). He has to cleanse you of your sin and give you a brand new life through His Spirit.

Finally, we were very fortunate that the other computers on our network were not affected. As it was, we were able to use data on them to restore the damaged machine. Spiritually, we depend on each other. When one is hurt, we are all vulnerable. We are restored as God’s Holy Spirit works through His body (Galatians 6:1-2). See you in church on Sunday!


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