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Recognizing Opportunities

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"Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.” Ps. 105:1

Thomas Road Baptist Church has a unique approach to global missions. Each year, they train individuals to share the Gospel, shepherd those who trust Christ, and establish a local Church.  They support the local growth with the condition that the new Church begins to plant another Church within two to three years. Why? Because they have found that unless a ministry turns outward it will falter and lose focus on Kingdom work.

     We are called to draw closer to Christ as we go out into the world. For me, I admit I am shy around strangers. I am not the person who strikes up deep, meaningful conversations in the checkout isle. Instead, I need to look purposefully for inroads to build relationships. As a Church, this is why we are intentional about creating ministry events such as Ukrainian Eggs (3/13) or Men’s BBQ (3/14). They provide fellowship and an avenue to build intentional relationships to share the Gospel. As you see these calendar events, pray that we grow together and that God lays a specific individual on your heart. And whether they show up or you see someone you don’t yet know, recognize this as an opportunity to begin a conversation about Christ and the work He has done in your life.   


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