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Sign of Victory

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Are you surviving or thriving? Does your trust in the Lord help you to just hang in there or does it compel you to step out in faith? There may be plenty of challenges coming at you from all sides. Are you going to respond by desperately seeking your survival options or will you, in trust, look past the situation to see how God might have something bigger going on?

         It’s hard to focus on the bigger spiritual picture when the situation in front of you is shouting danger and panic. But rest assured, no matter what your situation, God is still in control. He still loves you with a powerful, unfailing love. He still has plans to involve you in His triumphal kingdom work.

Let this Christmas season remind you of your personal guarantee of victory. Jesus came into a world in turmoil. His very birth was immersed in stress and discomfort. His personal triumph was years away and that only after hardship, deprivation, and agony. But still the angels enthusiastically proclaimed Glory! and a peace yet to be accomplished. Let this be your unfailing song as well. See you in church on Sunday!


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