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Writing down God's Promises

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I have recently gotten back into journaling during my quiet time. Life got busy and my time each day with the Lord was getting shorter and shorter. Not good.

         Most times I reflect on the passage of Scripture I’ve just read. Something about God’s character and nature strikes me as amazing and I have to reflect on it. Or maybe it’s something I honestly don’t understand and I write my questions.

I almost always offer praise to God for who He is and what a privilege I have in getting to know Him in all His wonder. And that leads me to thanksgiving for how I’ve benefited from who He is and what He’s done.

Sometimes I’m lead in a totally different course. The Lord leads me to reflect on yesterday’s events and what I saw Him do or what I’ve learned. Other times I think about something big facing me that day. How I’ll need the Lord’s guidance and strength to face a particularly difficult task.

My journaling always leaves me with a feeling that I’ve truly had an encounter with my Savior. He has graciously spent time with me, guiding me to understanding and strength.

He created you to get to know Him and enjoy Him forever. Looking forward to how He changes us as we grow together. See you in church on Sunday!


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